TrustDecisions is currently designing a sustainable "Mission Model Canvas" for a 21st-century Lean Organization. Why does TrustDecisions exist?

Most people believe in some form of risk management and the truth is, that it doesn’t work all the time. It doesn’t work because the human being is incapable of processing all of the possible rules of the moment, the game, in any specific scenario, fast enough. Therefore, failures of people, processes, systems and external events seem to occur randomly.

Is it possible to achieve a state of zero surprise? Where all risks are mitigated and humans can achieve an environment of trust that is sustainable. We think it is. In the right environment and in a specific scenario, surprise is now “impossible”.

“Trust Decisions” occur today at the speed of light and with an accuracy of 99.999%. Risk Management is our current state and it is destined for extinction. Trust Decisions as we will now apply them, becomes our future state. With zero surprise. The truth is, that risk management is obsolete and a new digital invention is ready for mankind.

Welcome to TrustDecisions, LLC.

We are rapidly developing "Minimum Viable Product/Market Fit" and digital solutions for our target beneficiaries communities. These include:
  • Highly Regulated Commercial Enterprises in Critical Infrastructure Sectors, including Defense, Energy, Banking & Finance, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Research & Technology, Transportation and Telecom DataTecture (Cloud Data Centers).
  • Government Agencies Focused on National Security
  • Research & Development Organizations in Digital Domains
We are embedded with our end-users listening and learning. We are testing hypotheses and working side-by-side while continuously adapting to ever changing problem-sets, to improve and become more agile. We are developing new solutions, iteratively and incrementally with our beneficiary clients.

We are developing Strategic Platforms and Networked Markets to provide our beneficiaries a transition strategy from:
  • Resource control to resource orchestration
  • Internal optimization to external interaction
  • Focus on customer value to a focus on ecosystem value
What are some of the general areas of concentration for our Internationally focused work so far:
  • Intelligence and National Security Law and Policy
  • "Deliver Uncompromised" Strategy
  • Insider Threat Programs (InTP)
  • Privacy Law and Policy (Advanced Capabilities and Big Data)
  • Governance Strategy Execution
  • Corporate Integrity and Compliance Management
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Data Collection, Processing and Analysis
  • Human Behavior and Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI)
  • Supply Chain and 3rd Parties
  • Enterprise Architecture - Technology Compliance Office
  • Due Diligence and Threats to Employees, Reputation and Finance
Our future Mission Canvas will evolve as a result of our clients and customers (beneficiaries) requirements. It will model our understanding of evolving challenges and a pursuit of achieving digital trust. For more information or to start a dialogue on how to engage with us, please contact us.

We are a proud sponsor of:
U.S. National Security & Intelligence- Sector Interest Group